• Dr. K incorporates both his scientific knowledge and his intuitive understanding to effect change. Unreserved recommendation. DEFINITELY HAVE A ONE ON ONE with him.

    Tracy Hayes, President
  • Concerned about effectively managing a stressful transition, I met with Dr.K. I learned how to lead my team, and I am now more effective in my interactions. I GAINED CLARITY about what is important to me.

    Celeste Cyr, Director of Operations
  • 10 years + multiple coaches = little progress.  Then Dr. K helped me through personal and professional trauma to build a wonderful family and thriving business. DON’T MISS A CHANCE TO WORK WITH HIM.

    Chris Jarvis, CEO
  •  After working with Dr. K, each of my managers and I now recognize our collective and individual strengths and weaknesses. I gained clarity on how to best utilize my team effectively and collaboratively. 5 STARS! 

    Clayton Aynesworth, President